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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is considered a member?

Bylaw definition Section 1: Membership
Parents of boys and girls automatically become members of CRYHA and carry voting privileges, when a boy or girl registers for any program sponsored by CRYHA. Also, any adult who through his or her physical efforts formally participates in the CRYHA program shall be a member with full voting privileges.

Q: What do CRYHA Members vote on?

Bylaws definition Section 6: Election Voting
That the members shall be entitled to vote for Board of Directors, amendments to these bylaws and other such issue as set forth in these bylaws and any issue as may be designated by the Board of Directors.  There shall be no voting by proxy and no cumulative voting.  Upon demand of any member, the vote for directors or the vote upon any question before the meeting shall be by secret ballot.  All elections shall be had and all questions decided by a majority vote unless otherwise stated in these bylaws.

Q: How often and which Executive Board Positions do we vote for?

Bylaw definition Section 3: Election
The Board of Directors positions elected on even year elections shall be the Vice President, Youth Director, Girls Director and Treasurer. The Board of Directors positions elected on odd year election shall be the President. All other board positions are appointed. The individual, who has obtained greater than 50% of the votes cast, shall fill the elective positions. If more than two candidates are seeking the same office, and no candidate receives greater than 50% of the votes cast, the top two candidates will face each other in a runoff until a candidate receives greater than 50% of the votes cast. The High School Boys and Girls Hockey coaches are appointed by virtue of their positions.

Q: When do Executive Board Position votes take place?

Bylaw definition Section 3: Annual Meeting
The annual membership of the organization for the purposes of nominating officers shall be held on the last Sunday of the month of March at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors. The election will be conducted by voting through the CRYHA website when more than one person is running for a specific position. The newly elected directors will assume their duties immediately after the election results, no later than the last Sunday of April. 

Q: Our family only has one account and my spouse would like to vote. How do we make a 2nd?

Visit, on the top left corner click on "Create an Account". Follow the prompts, check your email, confirm your account. Go back to, log in and then in the top left corner you will see "Connect to this Site" click this and click the pop up button to confirm. DO NOT wait for approval immediately go to the voting page and click the email link for Brian Mountin, answer the email questions. We will check your account to ensure its a valid request, clear your account to vote and notify you immediately.

Q: I have a (insert age level) OR (insert gender) player, can I vote for a different age level or gender director than my player?

Yes! If you are member as described above, you may vote for any item or person being put to a membership election.