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Is your child interested in hockey and you've been told that hockey is too expensive with countless hours spent running back and forth to the rink?

The sport of hockey is exciting, exhilarating and entertaining for both kids and parents and when compared to other travel sports, the cost and commitment are quite similar. 

The CRYHA is committed to excellence though sportsmanship, player development, and teamwork.  For first year Mite players, the CRYHA offers free equipment, lower costs and instructional clinics.  

We welcome you and hope to see you at the rink!

Top 10 Things to Know About

Coon Rapids Mite Hockey:


#1  We value all our hockey kids – whether they are the next great NHL star or just like to skate around with their friends

#2  Equipment is provided for FREE

#3  We place kids at the proper level of play to give them the greatest chance of success (having fun and improving)

#4  During the first 1-2 years, all kids play in-house against other Coon Rapids teams (D mites, then C mites)

#5  As kids gain experience they advance to higher levels of play (B mites or A mites or U8)

#6  Hockey doesn’t have to be expensive - the cost, especially for first year players, is low and there are fundraising opportunities to help offset the costs

#7  Each family has volunteer hours and the association provides lots of opportunities for volunteering in a variety of ways

#8  Each team has a Team Manager to keep things organized and help with communication (counts toward volunteer hours!)

#9  Coaches are always needed and highly valued - If you choose to coach you will have plenty of help, so don’t worry about being left on your own (also counts towards volunteer hours!)

#10 Hockey builds both individual skills and teamwork skills that are valuable in other sports and also in everyday life!


Contact our Mite Director - Andrea Carlson or Tim Matsche
For more information please visit the Mite/U8 Page HERE.

Andrea Carlson

Mite/U8 Administrative Director

Phone: 320-808-8020

Tim Matsche

Mite / U8 Program Director

Phone: 651.497.0230