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Any question regarding DIBS or unable to make your shift please contact Deb Pulskamp at


Coon Rapids Volunteer Tool

CRYHA Volunteer Hours Requirement 2023/2024:

Every family with traveling players, must volunteer 4 credit hours for the 2023/2024 hockey season for the CRYHA Association.

ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE. Volunteer opportunities will be listed on the DIBS site under the Member Tab above.

Please see the Below Document for full Volunteer Policy and Requirements for the current season.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is not the responsibility of the CRYHA Board to keep track of your total volunteer hours through the Dibs program.  That is the responsibility of each family.  Any additional hours of your time and talent are appreciated but cannot be donated to other families.

CRYHA utilizes the DIBS system to run our volunteer opportunities. All volunteer opportunities will be listed there.  To get started, please do the following:

STEP 1:   You must use the same user name and password that was used to register your skater on-line

If a board member assisted you during registration, you should have received an email to claim your child*.  You must claim your child first before you will be able to view any Dib items.

* Only one skater per family will be able to sign up for duties. For example, if a family has registered three kids, only one will be listed (the oldest) to sign up for duties.  Not all kids will be listed.

NOTE:  Open opportunities will be visible only if you registered a player.  If you are a parent who has created an account but does not have a player registered under your account yet you would still like to perform volunteer hours, contact the Volunteer Coordinator for access.

STEP 2:  CLICK HERE to start choosing opportunities that the Volunteer Coordinator has available for you to sign up for!