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Open Positions

The Coon Rapids Youth Hockey Association (CRYHA) Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who want to help deliver on the mission of “striving for excellence through sportsmanship, player development and teamwork.” 

The following board member position is vacant by reason of resignation and/or acceptance of another position. In an effort to be proactive we would like to find people with an interest in joining the Board under the following positions. These positions are elected by a vote of the Board of Directors:

Current open board positions at this time.

Girls Traveling Director:

The Girls Director is responsible for all girls traveling hockey teams within the CRYHA organization. The Girls Director is also required to coordinate and arrange try-out sessions for all Girls Traveling leagues. The Girls Director shall oversee all evaluation meetings at which girl traveling players are discussed and selected. It is the responsibility of the Girls Director to assure that player evaluations are conducted fairly. The Girls Director is responsible for the solicitation of candidate head coaches for the girls traveling hockey teams. He/she shall facilitate the final selection process of these candidate coaches. This selection process shall be open to all of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors must approve substitutions. In the event of a head coach resignation before or during the season, the Girls Director shall immediately inform the Board of Directors. Corrective actions shall be performed with the concurrence of the Board of Directors. The Girls Director, along with the Ace Coordinator, shall be responsible for coordinating the completion of all coaching clinics with the support and assistance of the Girls High School Hockey Coach. The Girls Director shall oversee the conduct of all parents, coaches and players participating in the traveling program. If the Girls Director finds any conduct inconsistent with the policies of this organization, or finds that coaches are not adhering to the coaching standards or coaching policies established by the Board of Directors, he shall have the authority to issue appropriate penalties. If any parent, coach or player disagrees with the penalty, they may appeal the Girls Director’s decision to the Board of Directors via the player representative for final determination.

Tournament Coordinator:

The Tournament Coordinator is responsible for organizing all tournaments sponsored by CRYHA and may assist with District 10 tournaments. The Tournament Coordinator shall select such members from the organization as are necessary to assist him/her in carrying out the duties of this position.

Goalie Development Director